What's Employee Leasing?

Employee leasing is a service under which an organization contracts with a leasing company to provide it with employees. The leasing company is responsible for hiring, managing, and paying the employees. The lessee organization then contracts with the leasing company to lease the employees back from the company. The leased employees work for the lessee organization just as if they were direct employees of the organization. The key difference is that the legal employer of the leased employees is the leasing company, not the lessee organization. Employee leasing can provide several benefits to businesses, including saving on costs associated with recruiting, training, and benefits administration. In addition, employee leasing can help businesses avoid the hassle and expense of managing employee payrolls and compliance with employment laws. However, businesses should be aware that employee leasing companies are typically large, national firms that may be less responsive to the needs of their clients than smaller, local staffing companies.

Employee Leasing at Arise

At Arise Solutions, we provide employee leasing services to help companies add people to their workforce without any additional administrative complexity. We transfer employees from a company to our payroll, and then lease them back to the company on a temporary basis as needed. In effect, Arise Solutions becomes the legal employer, taking over all HR management tasks. Our team of qualified professionals includes attorneys, accountants, insurance experts, and more. We will help you choose the right professionals to match your interim needs and exceed your expectations. We always operate within the bounds of the law and ensure compliance with all regulations related to payroll, claims processing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your human resources management.