Temporary Hiring at Arise

Arise Solutions is one of the leading employee leasing services in India. We provide a cost-effective and efficient temporary staffing service to businesses all around the country. With Arise Solutions, our clients enjoy the flexibility of staff as we provide temporary staffing services. We assist in keeping their projects moving by solving the problem of overloaded employees. Our recruiters are always on the lookout for people who have excellent communication skills, great attitude, and are creatively competent, while being a brilliant team player. Organizations that may not have the necessary infrastructure to carry out often tedious and always labour-intensive tasks by themselves have Arise to meet their needs. We are here to take care of every employee management task for you; even as a third-party company, we are dedicated to the success of our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Permanent Hiring at Arise

At Arise Solutions, we provide permanent staffing services to our highly esteemed clients. Our deep understanding of every business, in addition to finding people with the same understanding and being well-versed with the latest technologies tops our priority list. We help our clients recruit people with experience in administrative support and management, ability to support both offshore and onsite models, and exposure to a global work environment. Through our strict rules of quality assurance, we make sure our team screens all the resources thoroughly before presenting them to the client. Our well-managed backup system/team is in place to ensure smooth functioning as well as timely response to the clients’ requirements. To always be at the top of our game, we conduct monthly workshops and webinars on different aspects of recruitment. These training sessions are not only for our new recruits but also for our experienced team members who need a refresher course now and then. Apart from this, we have an intranet portal exclusively for our team where they can post queries/doubts which will be answered by the senior members promptly. Arise Solutions has carved a niche for itself in the field of manpower solutions and it will continue to do so with its unending efforts and commitment towards excellence.